How Celebrities Style Contact Lenses

colored eye contacts

Some of your favourite celebrities likely wore coloured lenses in 2018, so if you want to match their style, check out their contact lenses. Here is a list of my favourite celebrities and influencers who wear coloured contact lenses on and off the red carpet to guide you into the magical world of coloured contact lenses.


With the rise of coloured contact lenses worn by Hollywood celebrities and Instagram influencers, contacts are more desirable than ever. As we saw with Lady Gaga’s large-rimmed lenses, celebrities wear contact lenses for more than just changing eye colour.


Yes, guys are also joining the list of celebrities who wear contact lenses to change their eye colour. However, fashion is another big reason why many celebrities have to change the colour of their contact lenses frequently. Many of these celebrity roles often mean they have to wear something that matches their eye colour, so they have to change lenses.


Whether dozens of celebrities need contact lenses to improve their vision or just want to play with their regular eye colour, a surprising number of them regularly switch to coloured contact lenses. Dozens of celebrities wear tinted lenses to enhance their natural beauty, match their eyes with clothing, or look extravagant. Coloured contact lenses aren’t just for the movie or music stars looking to drastically change to fit their particular role or scenery, celebrities around the world use them to enhance their natural eye colour or make themselves known.


In addition to reinforcing roles, tinted lenses can also temporarily make a noticeable difference in a celebrity’s appearance. In addition to changing lenses just to show off a different colour, functionality can be another big reason a celebrity might change a pair of contact lenses.


In addition, there are shades of green that you can wear to give your eyes a natural green colour or make it look like you’re wearing contact lenses. People also prefer to wear green contact lenses because of the generally accepted fact that green or blue eyes go perfectly with blonde hair. Many people and celebrities use green contact lenses because they understand that green eyes are always a compliment to personality.


We all agree that coloured contact lenses enhance the look and add an interesting dynamic to the original eye colour. Hyper-realistic contact lenses are said to completely shape the pupil and change your pre-existing eye colour in a very smooth, unstructured, and most importantly, natural way.


blue contact lensesRegardless of eye colour, Nicki Minaj is one of the many celebrities who wear coloured contact lenses. Although Paris Hilton almost always wears blue contact lenses, most people believe that her real eye colour is brown. Britney Spears’ natural eye colour is brown, but she likes to wear blue and green contact lenses to make her eyes look brighter. Kylie Jenner opts for light blue contact lenses and her smiling eyes change her look.


Since the blue tint she chose gave it a very natural appeal, the blue-tinted lenses matched her usual makeup. Since Kendal Jenner has almond-shaped eyes, wearing blue-tinted lenses makes her eyes stand out and complements Kendal Jenner’s facial features. Your natural eye colour is beautiful, but sometimes when you’re changing your hair and makeup to match the fall season, a bit of vibrant eye colour is sure to give you the alluring look you’ve always dreamed of.


Everyone’s hair, skin, and natural eye colour will all play a role in the final look, but there’s no problem finding inspiration. Whatever colored eye contacts you’re dreaming of, there’s a huge library of videos and images from influencers and celebrities experimenting with eye colour to inspire you. If you want to join the gorgeous blue eye winners, check out how to flaunt the looks of our top Hollywood celebrities.


If you’re shopping at Colored Contacts, we can advise you on what styles are similar to what celebrities are wearing, and you can even take a look at photos of our group of talented Insta mini-celebrities, our amazing partners. We may be biased when it comes to choosing the contact lens brand with the most natural colour, but we can say that our customers love our range of coloured contact lenses for dark eyes. Either you’re curious about the idea of   having different coloured eyes every other day, or you’re already aware of the impact of coloured contact lenses on the fashion industry and are just looking for a way to improve your contact game.


You will find people in all parts of the world using contact lenses, and to top it off, they work quickly, easily, and are so realistic that they look exactly like your eyes. The beauty of these contact lenses is that they offer a unique way to completely change your style, but with a subtle subtlety that will make people wonder what you did to look so good. With big names like Kanye West making a splash in some blue contact lenses, this celebrity is a prime example of the compelling coverage that richly pigmented coloured contact lenses deliver.