Benefits Of Deck Restoration

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While deck repair and deck restoration Melbourne wide, are the most important services when it comes to the longevity of your decks, deck painting and varnishing are also important components in maintaining your deck. A quality deck painting service will help protect your deck and make your deck look as good as ever.


While deck colouring doesn’t solve these problems on its own, it can be a big help and improve the look of your deck. Staining the deck is a way to protect your deck from sun damage and prevent wood from fading or drying out.

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Fortunately, regularly painting your deck can prevent the deck from drying out too quickly, allowing less sunlight to penetrate the wood. As mentioned earlier, staining helps protect wood decks and fences from damage, while also maintaining the natural look of the wood.


While, on the other hand, paint does little to protect them and can fade or crack very easily, making your deck and fence look old and dirty faster. Painting wood decks and fences can take a lot more time and labour, while painting can be done much faster and with fewer people at work.


If you paint your decking and fence early and on time, it will protect the wood from moisture that can get in due to rain or snow, preventing it from rotting. A quality wood stain will seal the wood structure, so moisture doesn’t seep into the wood deck and cause it to rot.


Stain acts as a seal, preventing moisture from seeping into the wood, helping your patio stay in good shape for as long as possible. As mentioned earlier, proper wood stain is important to keep moisture in the lumber of the plank, which is especially important in winter, when moisture entering the wood can freeze and damage the plank.


Dehydrated deck boards can cause the wood to absorb water during rain, which can warp and possibly rot the wood. Both wood rot and insect infestation can severely damage the look and structural integrity of your deck, making regular deck painting an extremely important task.


If left untreated, your deck is more susceptible to damage from rot, sunlight, mould, insects, etc. This means that your deck is exposed to all the extreme temperatures that fall and winter can bring, and this exposure can cause your deck to wear down quickly if the deck is not painted.


While moisture from precipitation can seep into your deck and cause warping and rot, sun exposure can also cause excessive fading, leaving your deck looking dull and old.


Fresh paint or stain provides a barrier against decaying substances such as mould and mildew that can cause wood rot and shorten the life of your patio, so you don’t have to go through costly and gruelling replacements. In addition to protecting your deck from mould, water, and insects, staining brings out the natural texture of the wood, enhancing the overall look of your decks.


Heavy sanding of the deck will not affect the absorption of the stain into the wood – the product is designed to absorb. If you have excess wood from a project, use these spare parts to check the stain instead of applying the stain to the deck. Before construction, it is recommended to dry the wood in an oven and pre-paint over all sides and edges.


The bottom line is that you don’t have to let your wood deck or wood fence “age” before painting if you prep the wood before painting using a quality paint stripper and pressure washer. Whether it is a new deck or veneer on a previously painted deck, cleaning the deck before any painting will ensure a beautiful and durable finish. If the soundboard is not removed and cleaned, it will increase the chance that the glaze or other elements on the wood prevent the stain from adhering and cause premature flaking.