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Timber, next to Stone and Concrete, is one of the most widely used building materials available today due to the many benefits it has given the construction industry. Over the years, it has proven its worth due to the versatility it provided to builders and interior designers, who are able to utilise it in a variety of ways such as carpentry, décor and furniture. Likewise, Timber ceilings are increasing in popularity in interior design circles and becoming more and more prominent throughout homes.


The Benefits of Timber Ceilings
Looking closely to the benefits of having a timber ceiling, there’s more to it than just jumping on the trend.

Cost-effective and sustainable
Because of timber’s insulating properties, it offers an advantage against steel and aluminium when it comes to keeping the house warm on winter days and cool when it’s summer. Timber’s cellular structure has pockets inside that entraps heat or cold making this possible. Hence, a household can conserve energy this way, therefore reducing its costs.

Versatility in design
From cladding, to feature walls, and now to make ceilings, the timber had always been a beautiful material with the natural colour. Its unique look of discreet abstract combined with its distinct aroma, it’s quite a versatile piece that anybody responds to warmly. When properly done, timber ceilings enhance one’s interior by giving it an illusion of more space and being enclosed by something natural and refreshing.

Ease in maintenance
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Depending on the type and grade of the Timber you decide on utilizing for your ceilings, it might just need re-treatment once every five years with some kind of Timber Oil. That’s almost requiring you little-to-no maintenance as soon as your timber ceiling gets installed. The only thing you have to do is to keep it clean to help in keeping the finish intact. Although the natural worn look and the colour change adds a little bit of character to it and contributes to the desirable aesthetic as it ages. Timber may be prone to wear out because of termites, moisture-induced by weather changes, and of course decay. But there are natural preservatives that will help it stand the test of time.

Are you planning to recreate your office’s ceiling or that of the public space it has? Well, timber ceilings can reduce noise with its slanted design. Such design allows noise to travel, instead of the usual wall-to-wall bouncing of sound waves. Choosing timber ceilings for refining acoustics is the best way to go when soundproofing.


Care and Protection
Timber can quickly become unappealing with Rot or Mold if it’s not properly cared for. If you intend on installing a Timber ceiling in your home, then you should first familiarise yourself with all the appropriate Timber finishes required to maintain any form of Timber in your home.

One of the most important Finishes you can apply to your ceiling is a Timber sealer. This aims to provide protection to your Timber while simultaneously adding an appealing natural matte finish. If you don’t cover your Timber in a protective coat of this or any other protective finish, you run the risk of potentially expensive issues in the future. Rotting wood can be expensive to fix or even if the wood becomes discoloured and unappealing you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on Paint, Stains or any other product whose purpose is the cover this damage.

Overall, a Timber Ceiling is an excellent and beautiful choice for anyone who is renovating or building their dream home and you should definitely consider it for your next project.