The Biggest Lie Business Guru’s And MLM’s Preach

the biggest lie preached by business gurus and mlms

Follow your dreams and the money will come!

First-time entrepreneurs anticipate that sales will flock to their product when the”FOR SALE” sign is up, when in fact, nobody cares. Months spent building and prototyping the perfect masterpiece does not make it any more attractive to customers. Even if your product has more features than your competitor and is retailed at a price that is more affordable, customers will buy whichever product is promoted. It’s as straightforward as that.

Rather than building hype around the benefits and features- show something, bring clients through the same creative journey you’ve been through to get to the destination. Choose these clients wisely since they will become your product advocates. Make sure they are ready to be partners with you in the development process of your goods.

Make them believe, because more than features and benefits, the customers will follow your vision. It will make all the difference. There are lots of mistakes startups or entrepreneurs neglect and constructing something no one needs is one of them. Avoid that error!